Privacy Policy

Information Held by Us: We only hold your contact details - your name, address, phone numbers -  and the number of service hours accrued.  Held in encrypted files.  All other information is held by you in your own home.  

Why Do We Hold This Information: We use this information so that we can invoice you each month.  We only hold information that is relevant for us to provide services to you.  

Is the Information Shared: We will only share your information with the relevant agencies with your written and verbal consent to do so.  This is so we can achieve the best outcome for your situation. We provide a 'Permission Consent' form in each Boudica Support Services home pack.  Where we make calls on your behalf, at your home, we will ask for permission first.  Confirmation of this permission is generally asked for by the recipient caller.

Safeguarding Issues:  There are times where we need to inform the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board of any abuse to protect the vulnerable adult.     

What Happens to the Information After Leaving Our Service:  It is removed and destroyed.  Should you require our services at a later date, then we will start afresh.  

Accessing Your Information: You can ask for a copy of the information we hold about you at any time.  Just contact us and we will provide you with that information.